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Active Staff

Enjoy the gaming experience and participate in the different events.

Backups & Security

Never lose your data, you just relax and play we will take care of the rest.


99% cluster uptime with a high speed internet connection with servers available globally.

Servers Globally!


Connecting to our Cluster while Shards Online is Preparing Launch on Steam for Legends of Aria.

Temporarily Solution: While Shards Online is preparing for Legends of Aria launch for Steam for the next month to come.. You can connect to our server by:

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Shards Online 0.4.0 Alpha Server Launched

World of Shards is now updated to Shards Online 0.4.0 Alpha Version! Change Log to follow still with all the latest and greatest updates.

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0.3.5 Patch Notes: Alpha Preview

New Features Prizm Lounge (Founders Map) New items 3 Futuristic Clothing Sets (no stats) including helmet Exclusive drinks & potions New Quests. VIP area – only Prime Collectors (100$+) can enter this area. Allegiance PvP System Guilds may now pledge allegiance to Tethis the God of Water & Piphos the God of Fire. Opposing guilds can

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0.3.4 Patch Notes: Catacombs Lower Level and so so much more!

Player Run Merchants Anything can be listed for sale including containers with items inside Initial charge of 100 coins and 10% commision for all sales. In Celador, they are found wandering the Refugee area. In Outlands, they are at the Celador gate. There is a new engraving tool for sale at the general store that

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Shards Online Steam Greenlight!

Shards Online is now on Steam Greenlight! Help by voting for it 🙂 Vote Now! Watch the Game play Trailer!

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0.3.3 Patch Notes: Catacombs Levels 1 and 2

0.3.3 Patch Notes: Catacombs Levels 1 and 2 Clusters: WARNING: Clusters are currently unstable. We may switch Azure Sky back and forth between a cluster and a standalone map as we work to improve the stability over the next couple weeks. To see if Azure Sky is configured as a cluster, look at the list

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Patch Notes: 0.3.2 Lag freeze fixes and cluster preparations

Greetings Attuned Mortals! This release is mostly preparation for the upcoming roll-out of cluster support. Clusters are not fully ready for testing, but I am planning on putting up an experimental cluster server up so everyone can help us test the cross region travel. The most important thing in this release is a fix for the

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Release 0.3.1 Patch Notes – Servers Updated

New Quests Not All Is As It Seems – Something is amiss in the village. It’s time to figure out what’s going on. No More Room in Hell – Search the graveyard for clues on the undead. Bane of the Elder Gods – Destroy the Cult of the Star Dweller, or join them. Higher than

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Shards Online, December Community Newsletter

This month’s newsletter is packed with juicy info. Player run merchants, PvP Tournament, Referral Program and More! Read what Shards Online have coming soon! Newsletter Link    

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Interested in Shards Online? Pledge Today!

If you interested in getting Shards Online and would like to Pledge and help Citadel Studios.. Use our referral link:

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Pre-Alpha 3 Launch Weekend Recap

We had an absolute blast this weekend! It’s great to hear all the positive feedback you guys have been giving us. The bug reports and ideas have also been flowing and we are absolutely loving it. With the NDA being lifted, we had some pretty exciting events. Shards Online: Pre-Alpha 3 Launch Event It all

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Pre-Alpha 3 Launch Event

To celebrate the launch of Pre-Alpha 3, we will be hosting a live stream on, Saturday December 12th from 6pm to 8pm EST (11pm UTC). Members of the dev team will be playing on our main official server Azure Sky. We will also be doing a few interviews on the stream and discussing our plans for

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Based in Shards Online, we deliver to you the first global cluster with shards across the world that offers you the best playable experience out there.