• Player Housing – Claim you house plot by using one of the 13 blueprints currently available in the game. You have complete control over the items placed in and around your house including furniture, crafting tools, and lockable storage containers.
  • Crafting – Metalsmithing, Woodsmithing, Fabrication and Alchemy are now functionally complete. A grand total of 144 recipes are available for crafters to use to create items!
  • Animal Taming – We currently have 17 tameable creatures that not only respond to your commands but also age and gain skill the longer you keep them.
  • Combat – We have a completely tactical and skill based combat system with 13 combat abilities, 10 spells, and 8 skill based abilities.
  • Boss Battles – Test your mettle against one of our four nasty bosses: Forest Ogres, The Cultist King, The Spider Queen, and the Greater Demon of Kho.
  • Titles – In addition to the title you earn from your pledge level, players can also earn in-game titles. There are currently 150+ titles available including titles like “Leader of the Revolution” and “Bane of the Dragon Age”.
  • Faction System – There are two factions struggling for control of Celador, The Villagers and The Cultists, by completing tasks for them you can gain faction which gives you access to titles, additional tasks and access to special areas of the map.
  • Guilds – We have an early implementation of our guild system that allows for a guild title and guild chat.
  • Character Customization – The first pass on character customization is complete which allows you to choose from several skin types and hair styles for both male and female. You can also change your hair color.