Patch Notes: 0.3.2 Lag freeze fixes and cluster preparations

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Patch Notes: 0.3.2 Lag freeze fixes and cluster preparations

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Greetings Attuned Mortals! This release is mostly preparation for the upcoming roll-out of cluster support. Clusters are not fully ready for testing, but I am planning on putting up an experimental cluster server up so everyone can help us test the cross region travel. The most important thing in this release is a fix for the terrible freezes that were happening when you came into range of other players or populated areas like the village. So without further ado, here are the full notes:


  • The crafting improvement system is now functional. When you are done crafting an item that can be approved, you will get a window asking you if you want to attempt to improve it. Stout items get 1 guaranteed improvement and Sturdy gets 2. Here is the full list of possible improvements that can be applied:
    • Weapons
      • Bonus Minimum Damage
      • Bonus Maximum Damage
      • Bonus Speed Offset
      • Bonus Final Damage
      • Bonus Parry Chance
      • Bonus Crit Chance
      • Bonus Range Offset
      • Bonus Penetration
      • Bonus Durability
    • Shields
      • Bonus Minimum Block Chance
      • Bonus Increased Block Chance
      • Bonus Absorption
      • Bonus Block Cooldown
      • Bonus Block Duration
      • Bonus Swing Speed Modifier
      • Bonus Evasion Modifier
      • Bonus Minimum Damage (Bash)
      • Bonus Maximum Damage (Bash)
      • Bonus Durability
    • Armor
      • Bonus Absorption
      • Bonus Evasion Modifier
      • Bonus Piercing Resist
      • Bonus Slashing Resist
      • Bonus Bashing Resist
    • Harvest Tools
      • Bonus Harvest Delay
        Bonus Harvest Efficiency
        Bonus Harvest Yield
  • Introducing our first loading screen, the wormhole. This loading screen is intended for travel between worlds. We will eventually have other loading screens for travelling between regions on the same world (Celador <-> Outlands)
  • New fabrication recipes:
    • Bandana
    • Bandit Hood
    • Mage Hat
  • Mobs can now sometimes see cloaked players if they fail their reveal check
  • Weight
    • Finally containers have a weight restriction. This weight includes the weight of everything including items in sub containers. Your bank has a 1000 pound limit and all other containers have a max weight of 200.
    • Coins now weigh 1 stone per 1000 coins (rounded up)


  • Improve lag when large numbers of objects come into range at once
  • Fix lag when coming into range of other players
  • House doors and locked down containers (chests, lockboxes) are no longer pickable.
  • Crafting now pulls resources from sub containers (bags inside your backpack)
  • Fixed Pet Resurrect skill (In pet abilities)
  • Riposte fix for 0 damage
  • Mana cost increase from weapons/shields now calculated separately from spell buffer.
  • Fixed the mayor task that gave you a relic
  • You now lose faction if you attack while cloaked.
  • Super guards can now see cloaked players
  • Super guards will also teleport to you if they fail to path
  • Casting spells uncloak you.
  • Fixed bug where mobs dug up in the graveyard don’t attack back
  • Can no longer equip items out of banks
  • House decay changed to 7 days for starter house and 30 days for the bigger houses
  • Can no longer ressurect Greater Demon of Kho, Spider Queen, Cultist King, or Ogres
  • You can no longer overfill containers using crafting